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How to Empower your Employees to Take More Initiative

Today, more and more employers are asking themselves how to get their employees to take more initiative. It seems that many employees are hesitant to take risks, because they don't want to fail, especially in the eyes of the boss. They don't want to put themselves out there, because if things don't go as planned, they worry that they could be out of a job.


Business leaders know that it is important to empower their team members to make the choices, rather than do nothing. Here are some ways to empower employees.

1) Offer a supportive culture: If staff feels comfortable in their workplace, they know that making mistakes is okay. A supportive environment also allows employees to share ideas, because they know that they will be heard, and taken seriously, rather than simply dismissed.

2) Allow employees to meet outside of their workplace: Every once in a while, employees need to be kicked out. Business leaders need to consider allowing team members to meet outside of the normal work environment as this can encourage creativity. Sometimes, it just takes a change of scenery for employees to come out of their shells.

3) Promote social responsibility programs: Studies have shown that employees who participate in social responsibility programs are more engaged in their workplaces. Set up volunteering activities, and allow staff to work in teams to support camaraderie.

4) Make it personal: Encourage team members to bring personal objects into their workspace as this works as a physical reminder of why they should take initiative. Giving workers freedom to motivate themselves in a personal way with objects or notes, can really motivate them to do more.  

5) Learn from the past: Look to the past and find evidence of great things that came from employees who took the initiative. Employees who can see amazing ideas and inventions that were designed by people just like them, will have the encouragement they need to take risks in the future.

6) Be honest: The best ideas don't always come from the boss. Many times the best ideas can come from the staff. The best way to encourage team members to take initiative is to let them know their ideas are not just wanted, but also needed.

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