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In a Holiday Sales Slump? Here are Ways to Promote Your Business during Slow Months


We, at CapRock Services have offered thousands of businesses the opportunity to expand and grow. We understand that businesses have high and low points. You may have expected the holidays to bring a new influx of customers and cash flow, but that does not always happen.

If your business is in a holiday sales slump, you need to actively work on business promotion. Here are a few ways to boost your sales and profits this holiday season.

Free Offers

Offering samples and other items to customers as part of a business promotion is a great way to generate sales. Customers may fall in love with the product and want to buy more. If you offer a buy-three-get-one-free deal, you will be selling more products as well. Customers love getting things for free and when they feel like they are getting a deal, word will spread fast.


If you want your customers to come in and buy things, but you also want them to return again, rewards programs are great. Perhaps for every $100 a customer spends, they get a $5 coupon to the store. Decide on a fair price point and make sure it is achievable. It will help return business during the holidays and into the new year.


In order to draw buyers into your business, you might consider hosting a special event. What the event will look like depends on what type of business you own. If you have a coffee shop, for example, you might want live Christmas music, free cookies, and other such items. If you have a clothing store, host a toy drive and offer drawings for free items. The event can get customers through the door to see what you have to offer.

Add-on Sales

Add-on sales can help each person who comes to your business walk away with more. If they are buying one item, teach your knowledgeable sales people to sell them other items at a discount so they end up with more. They will get a deal and you will generate more sales.

Offer Excellent Customer Service

There is nothing like excellent customer service to generate sales. You need to start the service on your business room floor by hiring great employees who are helpful and enjoy what they do. This will carry through to how they treat customers. Whether a customer needs help with a product, has questions about a sale, or is simply browsing, you need to have the customer services to match their needs. Word about how you treat customers (and employees) will spread and can be better than any business promotion you can run on your own.

We, at CapRock Services, enjoy seeing small businesses succeed. Sometimes the holidays are great and offer a steady cash flow. Other times, they can lead to a bit of a slump. We can help you leverage your past success and your expected future sales to get the capital you need to get through a slow period. Utilize the above tips to generate more sales in addition to our services and get your small business back on track in no time.