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Is it Time for Your Business to Move On From Groupon?

You don’t have to look far to find the unintended consequences of digital marketing promotions such as Groupon and Living Social. From restaurants to retail, the bad often outweighs the good when it comes to this seemingly perfect combination of digital marketing and spurts of cash flow.

There are a number of negative side effects experienced by businesses because of this digital phenomenon. Some of them include:

  1. It dilutes and discounts a brand you have spent years developing.

  2. Data suggests you do not gain new customers - only one-time customers who want your experience at a discount.

  3. Your formerly loyal customers no longer want to pay your regular, daily price

  4. You lose control over your image as Groupon includes their own descriptions of your business

  5. Very low profit margins - Groupon is getting half of the revenue you do generate on a customer that is already getting, on average, a 50% discount. Most businesses do not profit, and many actually lose money when using Groupon or Living Social.

It’s time to move on from Groupon!  Our Growth Capital is available to you with no loss of equity, no personal collateral, and is invisible to your customers. With our Growth Capital, you are ensured to:

  1.  Keep your brand prestige in tact.

  2. Use our Growth Capital to expand, make improvements, and/or invest in your business’s future in any way that attracts new customers and ensures they will become repeat customers

  3. Already loyal customers will benefit from the improvements too

  4. You remain in control of your business’s marketing efforts and image

    Your payback of the capital is a simple, straight-forward percentage of your daily sales. Payback pace will fluctuate and flow with your business volume. This means you will never take on more of a commitment than you intended.

How our fast, easy, and convenient Growth Capital works:

  1. We purchase an agreed-to amount of your future credit card sales at a discount.
  2. We deposit working capital directly into your business bank account.
  3. We collect a percentage of your future, daily Visa/MasterCard/ Discover sales until your account is paid in full.

It’s that easy…Call us today to find out how our Growth Capital can start working for you today!  866-962-4922